Your Complete Guide To WOT AMX 13 90 Equipment

If you have been playing video games then, you should try the new AMX 13 90 in World of Tanks. This is the new equipment available and you might want to have a look for some starter tips. This war gaming equipment could boot up your gameplay for it comes with features you would like. The tank’s suitability is great used during tactics compared to others in the battle. It comes with powered tank’s top stats inspired by the early 75-mm gun with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 m/s. It comes with powerful heat shells and significant changes to the turret design. The tank underwent the gun modernization making your wargaming experience even better. Read more to learn how to handle this new equipment in your next game.

t-10 in WoT

Picking The Tank 

For starters, you would get to choose tanks you want to drive with on a war. In picking your tank, you need to consider the terrain or the city maps and the hybrid maps which are a mixture. The best tank to go for a lighter ride and smaller equipment is the AMX 13 90. This tank has as much firepower and high-end armor the same as the others. If you are in an open map, this is the best tank to drive for going to point A and B is easier. You could also customize this with armor on the front if you want to go on city maps to put something heavy around it. The armor would protect you when you are driving down a street as you could get shot only from the front. There are actually plenty of tanks to choose from here’s why the AMX 13 90 is great for starters:

  • Great For Sneaking in Open Maps. With the smaller size and lighter tank, you could easily hide from behind a cover. Thus, you could have a chance to reload your gun, pre-aim, and sneak out to make one damaging shot. This tank would give you decent mobility and aiming stabilization so you could pull the game off.
  • Sniping Range. This tank would give you a long sniping range so you could hide from a bush on the hill to aim your target. Shooting at enemies could be easier even from on the other side of the map. But, be careful though, this tank needs a good dispersion and penetration to make every shot count.
  • Hit and Run Technique. This tank would allow you to spot enemies without being seen. The front line armor would cover you up so you can take a shot and start running. This technique is something you could master since the tank is flexible enough.
  • Front Line Cover. When in an open city, rocks, hills, buildings and all other cover are impossible. But, with this tank, you could be the front line cover of your team using its very good armor. You should know how to use your cover and take good advantage of it during wargaming.

This tank is ideal to all kinds of map, you could drive it behind slow tank destroyers and with heavy tanks. Since it is smaller, you could keep circling around other tanks to avoid being hit. Thus, you could make easy shots into the back of the enemy. Also, this would the tank you need if you want a great traverse speed and acceleration.


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