TV shows and series are one of the best things available in the field of modern Entertainment. You can watch your favorite TV show from your home with the help of your smart TV, or you can get your Netflix subscription and enjoy the various type of shows available there. The TV series market is really promising and is inclined to coming up with new ideas to create new shows for its viewers. Shows with high Trp rating are deemed as popular as well as shows with low Trp rating are deemed unpopular and are normally taken off by their respective channels. This scheme has given way to only the best, most popular shows to have survived this long and thus, this viewer based industry offers you only the best of the very best.

BUT ENTERTAINMENT IS DEFINITELY NOT CHEAP! As mentioned before this is an industry and to be accurate a giant, trillion dollar industry. It comprises of actors, musicians, screenwriters, casting directors, producers and many more to create just one show. It has mouths to feed, so of course, entertainment is definitely not cheap.

Starting from theatre, to movies, TV series, and shows, all of them require quite an amount of money to watch. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even your basic cable channel require quite a bit of money to let you enjoy it once in every while. Prices range from $8-$12 for a proper package that fits best for you.


Couchtuner allows you to watch your favorite TV shows completely free of cost. It gives you a supple and clear picture, with subtitles and a wide range of TV series that you can choose from. It has many, many shows from all over the world, all accumulated on a single site. Couchtuner just requires you to have a proper internet connection to access all the shows it has to offer.

Some of the shows it offers are The challenge, Bachelor, Impractical Jokers, How I Met Your Mother, Top Gear, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, etc. with all episodes and all released seasons. You can sort it out by genre and even watch movies in it. It has Netflix favorites like 13 Reasons Why, Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, etc. as well.



Couchtuner allows you to watch your favorite tv shows free of cost from your own couch. It is a great deal.

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