Influencer marketing, an increasingly effective strategy

With the advance of technologies and new trends in marketing, we are facing a constant change in the digital environment which is causing that there is also a constant reinvention in the companies. In this case we are going to talk about influencers marketing.

At the time of wanting to promote our brand or product / service, we always go to digital strategies such as SEM, SEO, Campaigns in Adfluencer Social Media, without knowing the new strategies that are emerging and give increasingly better results.

Influencer MarketingInitially they are anonymous.

They have created themselves with their work, so it is less difficult for the population to empathize with them and give them their confidence.

Today they are recognized people, but a few years ago, even months, no; Therefore, his recommendations are perceived as those of a friend or relative, with the difference that this person is considered an expert in the subject.


Thanks to the two personal characteristics mentioned above, they have managed to create a large community of followers who are interested in their opinions and trust them.

Influence capacity

Therefore, and taking into account the three previous characteristics, influencers enjoy a great power of mobilization, both to create changes in their opinions and in their behaviors.

Share of voice

The sector in which they operate usually takes them into account as they have been considered as experts or experts in the subject that occupies them. This allows them to have a high level of participation in a conversation on that specific topic.

Improves credibility

The influencers’ recommendations have a high level of credibility on the part of the public, so having these professionals will help your brand to increase its level of credibility, both of the brand itself and of the products.

Promote the brand in an innovative way

It allows the brand to approach certain audiences without doing it in an intrusive or traditional way. Innovation and differentiation is the key

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