Protect your Whats App account with 2-step verification

The WhatsApp messaging service gives you the option of adding an additional level of security to your account with the two-step verification feature .

Currently hackear whatsapp  encrypts your conversations and does everything possible to ensure that your data remains private. But with this new two-step verification feature, it will be much harder for other people to access your account now.

To activate two-step verification, open the app and go to Settings> Account> and Verification in two steps .

Choose Activate , and write a six-digit code when the app asks for it. You will also need to write your email so WhatsApp will send you the code if you forget it.

If you choose not to include your email and you forget your password, WhatsApp will block you from your account for seven days. After those seven days, WhatsApp will allow you to enter your account without the code, but any message that was sent to you during that season will not be delivered.

It might seem a joke, but it is not, and is that several users have asked us in social networks and the questionnaire how can prevent others spy their WhatsApp, the question is unclear at first, but after knowing the stories we know how it is that other people are gaining access to other users’ WhatsApp accounts.

Well, there are two specific cases that we have detected, and that I think are the only two possible ways to spy your conversations on WhatsApp (without knowing the encryption code), which I will explain in detail so that you avoid falling into these problems.

Similarly, it is important to mention that in both cases people who want to spy on our conversations of WhatsApp must have access to our phone, and in all cases where we have investigated how the access to the application was stolen, everyone has had to see a friend, family member or partner

hackear facebookThrough WhatsApp Web

Let’s start in a very common way, in fact it is the one that repeats itself, and it is through WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the application with which we can chat without the need to use our cell phone.

So that someone can access your account just scan the barcode of WhatsApp Web from your phone, this way you can see all your information on your computer, however, there is a very simple way to realize this abuse to our privacy

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