Successful Events Are Planned Professionally

As a professional and experienced event organizer with more than three decades of experience, others often ask me why they will use the services of a professional rather than themselves. Some of these reasons include: the ability to perform a thorough needs analysis; to negotiate professionally in all aspects; cost saving ideas; understanding the differences between value and perceived value; marketing; organization; and time management.

What to expect?

  1. Professional event managers first carry out a needs analysis before doing anything else. This analysis carefully examines all aspects of the organization, including its history and heritage, which includes premises, trips, meetings, seminars and / or training, everything that is provided free to others, the cost of everything, including food and beverages, and the audiovisual media, expected income (including fees, subsidies, sponsorship, etc.) and expenses, as well as the goals and intentions of the event. These areas then become the basis of the professionally developed Request for Proposals (R.F.P.), which must always be personalized and used before considering contract negotiations. R.F.P. then it becomes an attachment to any future contract. Organizations must run away from anyone who claims to be a professional who does not follow this procedure first!
  1. This procedure is the basis for negotiations. Each area is perceived and thought, must be consistent. A true professional should always do his homework and, therefore, get maximum results using winning trading techniques.
  1. The professional should be able to analyze methodologies and needs and develop a plan for effective cost savings in every aspect of the event, from the preliminary planning stage to the marketing, organization, planning and implementation stages. There is no definite answer, and therefore a professional must personalize his plan for the organization, and not only provide a rhetorically attractive, but also inappropriate approach to the idea of ​​a separate organization. Stay away from the boiler or from a single plan that fits all philosophies.
  1. frocentric eventsValue and perceived value do not match when it comes to events. This is not what the organizer pays for, it does not mean anything, but how participants and potential visitors perceive this value. That is why it is so important that organizations and their planners prioritize their needs and provide a program that attracts visitors and sponsors, and which people want to attend.
  1. Organizers should examine the marketing of their events in terms of their usefulness, efficiency, costs and goals. Marketing before the event should always begin much earlier!
  1. Great event organizers are always productive and have a great time.
  1. Real professionals are very well organized, leaving nothing accidental, planning and planning backups!

Should your organization use an event planner?

It all depends on the needs, budget and costs. An effective event planner should always ensure that the amount you save will be better if it does not affect your income, compared to savings and efficiency with frocentric events.

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