What You Should Know About Bitcoin And Lottery

A lottery (lotto) is a type of gambling game where you bet on sets of numbers like 6 or 4 or 3, depending on the rules. It doesn’t cost much but the prizes can be very lucrative that can turn you into an instant millionaire or billionaire in a single win. Although the lottery is very promising, the fact is, not every day is payday. Most of the time no one wins and the price increases over time until one or a few people  that is bestowed by the goddess of luck and wins the lottery.


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a type of currency used online. It’s a popular currency today that is slowly becoming more popular. The fact is, it’s still not widely accepted as a payment method but there are already products and services that you can avail today with bitcoin. Part of the reason why is because there’s no easy way to convert cash to bitcoin and its also a challenge switching it back. So what’s the relation of bitcoin and lottery? Well… today there’s what you call a bitcoin lottery and its nothing short of an awesome.

Its straight bitcoin:

With bitcoin lottery it combines the two things that you love, lottery and bitcoin all in one place. With this, you no longer need to convert your bitcoin to cash just to bet on a lottery, you don’t have to because of there a bitcoin lottery where you can bet with bitcoin and win with bitcoin. No need to bother about conversions and waiting for your money be converted. You don’t have to thanks to the bitcoin lottery.

There’s a higher chance of winning:

In regular lotteries, not every lottery draw will you have people winning the game. This is a bummer especially for people that have been betting in lotteries since forever. Buy with bitcoin lotteries, every week there will be winners guaranteed. Although the prizes will get smaller because of this, is it really important when you get a higher chance of winning? Winning is still winning and it’s still a good sum of money. Still an awful lot of money you know.

All te more reason not to exchange your bitcoin: The fact is, there will always be a temptation to squander away your most prized bitcoin with how popular it is now, there are already many reasons as to why you will need to spend your bitcoin for outside things, and if one of those of gambling, there are already many gambling sites that accept bitcoin directly and one of those are lottery websites.

If you love playing the lottery and you love bitcoin, you really don’t need to sacrifice your bitcoin because there are places that you can go to place bets with your bitcoin. There are many reasons why this is a really good idea and one of that is because its straight bitcoin, you have a higher chance of winning and fewer excuses to exchange your bitcoin. If you want to know where you can start betting on such a lottery, visit the link.

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